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Global Locations

globeWizard is a leading Contact Centre offering customized and cost-effective telemarketing services

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Company Overview

inbound contact centerWizard is a leading International Contact Center based out of Kolkata , offering customized and cost-effective telemarketing services to meet the unique requirements of your market. Whether you are looking for telemarketing companies to implement an aggressive sales campaign or a strategic marketing initiative to improve customer growth through cross selling - Wizard has the expertise to implement an integrated customer contact solution. Our services include but not limited to Outbound and Inbound Telemarketing, Back office support, Web and Software Development.

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Why You Work With Us?
without capital Technical And functionaledge--without capital
Enhanced Perfomance Enhanced Perfomance
wizard e-marketing pvt ltd A better-managed e business infrastrusture
wizardbpo Maximum Uptime
wepl More Effective Operatingenvironment at the Backbend
wizard Savings on manpower and training costs
wizard enteprise
Ashley Scott
My experience with Wizard can be summarized this way "I sold nothing for 7 months -- and then my business turned around in 15 days”. They provided me with that "extra edge” with which I could hook-up the potential customers of the booming global market. Allow me to congratulate the Team Wizard for an exceptional piece of job done by their highly competent Tele-calling team members.

Scarlett Smith
My site had it all, a swanky look and feel, but bereft of any commercial prospect. My stance with Wizard web development team gifted me with a rejuvenated web presence. Then on, the visitor flow to my website has increased incredibly and the cash registers are ringing too!!

Glenn Mckinsey
Apt graphic designs, efficient and customized web development, high page rank and top listings in search engines-it is a complete web package that I got from Wizard. It is my pleasure to express our gratification towards the admirable job done by the members of Wizard for our web business. You people have provided us with all we needed to grab the web-travelers."
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